Crabs (Half Bushels)

Enjoy a half a bushel of the best blue crabs live or steamed to perfection and seasoned with our Johnny Lightning Spice.

As a reminder, 1/2 bushels are packed based on volume.  The bigger the crab the less there will be in a box and the smaller the crab the more in the box.  If you must have a specific number of crabs per person or a specific size of crab for your feast, we recommended purchasing crabs by the dozen.  

Our male sizes are: 
  • Large/Extra Large (2.5-3 doz) 
  • Medium/Large (3-3.5 doz) 
  • Small/Medium (3.5-4 doz)
Our Female size is:
  • Mixed Size Females- S, M, L (3-4 doz)